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Our Story

In 1977, a young animal care taker of lab rats at UMKC name Ray St. Aubyn, interviewed with Harold Beaham the owner of Direct Messenger Service for a driving job.  He filled out a stock application and at the end there was a question asking “Why do you want to work for us?” Ray wrote that DMS seemed like a young company that he could grow with.  During the interview process Mr. Beaham told Ray “This is just a delivery driver’s job you know.” Ray took this statement as a challenge.  The very next day Ray started driving his 1963 Ford F-150 for Direct Messenger Service.

In five short years, Ray drove and made deliveries, moved into the office to dispatch, and finally moved into sales and then management. Ray was young, tenacious and passionate about the company’s growth and improvement. Ray helped DMS evolve from hand written delivery tickets to computerized dispatching and invoicing. In that time DMS expanded the hours from Monday thru Friday 8 to 5 to 24/7, and grew the total number of drivers from five to 45. Sales grew during this time exponentially.   Over the years Ray ribbed Harold about that original statement and in 1990 Ray and another former driver, Ron Johnson, bought the business from Mr. Beaham.

Over the years technological advances and competitors have changed the landscape of local delivery. Sadly, Ron passed away a few years ago. However, almost 40 years after Ray applied for a job at Direct Messenger Service, Ray is still carrying the DMS flag.  Ray wakes up every day excited about leading Direct Messenger Service and its team. Ray is passionate about providing the very best local courier services in the area.  The youthful enthusiasm is still there with a little touch of gray and a whole lot of experience.  Direct Messenger Service would love to meet you and provide for you delivery needs.  

Hi! My name is Ray St. Aubyn! We look forward to serving you for any of your local courier needs. We will provide convenience. We will save you time. We will be reliable. You have my word. Thank you for the opportunity to do business with you. – Ray St. Aubyn, President Direct Messenger Service